1. The Writing Process

      The Writing Process is a series of steps to help you write a paper. It is like
using a map to get to an unfamiliar place. The Writing
Process has five steps.
Step 1: Pre-Writing.
     Begin by brainstorming ideas for topics, organizing an outline, and developing a plan. After you have selected a topic. 
Step 2:Drafting.
       Write a strong topic sentence. The topic sentence is a simple sentence
that sets the stage and tells the reader about the subject. In the topic sentence you tell your audience what you are going to talk about. Next develop an introduction to the topic, your main points and supporting details, and write a concluding paragraph.
Be sure to use facts, examples, and details to back up your
sentence. Your main points will be several sentences that support and give further explanation to your topic. When you write the concluding paragraph you are summarizing the main points in the body of the paper.
Step 3: Evaluating and Revising.
       Read your paper carefully. Many times people skip this step. When you begin to evaluate and review your paper, change from the role of writer to the role of a critic. Try to examine your paper through the eyes of a reader who does not know anything about your topic.
— Have you explained everything fully?
— Have you included enough facts and examples for the reader to
Read your paper out loud to make sure that it makes sense.
After you have made improvements you may want to have someone else
read your paper and make comments.When writing you may go through
Step 3 several times before you are ready to write a final draft.
Step 4: Editing .
Read your drafted paragraph and try to check sentence effectiveness. When you have corrected all errors
including spelling, punctuation, and grammar, you are ready to write
your final draft. When you have completed the final draft, proofread
again to make sure you did not miss any errors, such as spelling, punctuation,
and paragraph indention.
Step 5: Proofreading.
      Read your draft again and try to correct spelling errors, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraph indentation.