1. Drafting

First Drafting
         Once you have taken the best ideas generated through prewriting and organized
them in a logical way to support your thesis or point, it is time to
begin drafting. During the drafting stage of the writing process, your ideas
began to take the shape of the kind of paper you are writing, whether it is
an essay, a single paragraph, a letter, or some other genre. Unlike chaotic
prewriting, a draft follows the plan of your outline and has a clear beginning,
middle, and end.
          When drafting, you should give yourself plenty of time to work, and it
helps if you have your pre-writing work in front of you as you compose. Do
not worry about grammar and proofreading just yet because the important
function of this stage in the writing process is to get a draft done. If you manage
your time right, which is always important for successful writing, you can
go back and redraft sections of the paper. Depending on how large your writing
project is, the first draft stage could take one hour of straight writing or it
could involve your writing various sections on several different days.