6. Polytheist religions

1-African Religions

      Traditional African religions have an emphasis on salvation and wholeness in this world, here and now. Because Africans believe that life is a complex web of relationships that may either enhance and preserve life or diminish and destroy it, the goal of religion is to maintain those relationships. These relationships provide mental and physical harmony, and stability to create well‐being and wholeness for each individual.
    The quest for salvation has a lot to do with the threat to their lives, both physical and spiritual, on a daily basis. They believe that the threat from evil forces is very near and real. But it is also a life-affirming religion that celebrates the fullness of life and is known for its lively celebratory mood in worship. Drums and dancing are almost always involved in rites and practices. They believe in their ancestor's soul divinity and that nature too has a spirit.
2- Animism: the belief that the superpower of the universe, whether it was a god or a force, resides in Nature like rivers, trees, earth, some kind of animals, the Sun, the moon…etc. It is spread in Africa,  Asia, South America and Indian tribes in North America.