5. Babylonian Civilization

5.2. Intellectual achievement

Babylonians were the first to develop a measuring system and a sophisticated mathematics. They succeeded in designing a world map using astrology and sea travel.  

Babylonian Ancient Empire

Babylonians were also the first to develop and use a Lunar calendar – 12 months of 29 days, falling behind the seasons, every fifth year an extra month was added. (the Jewish and Muslim calendars are based on the lunar calendar and so every year extra days devoted to religious festivals are added, even nowadays)
Babylonian calender
hour - 60 minutes, minute sixty seconds, angle 360 degrees (corresponds with the invention of the wheel) = duodecimal system of counting – number 12 basis
  Babylonians were great astronomers, so they developed the Summarian stars map. They used geometry to track Jupiter 
stars map explanation of the stars mapSummarian and Babylonian stars map artifact