Topic outline

  • First Year TTU Course

          Course Description

    This course is designed to endow first year students to be successful in university and community settings. The course aims to afford students with a variety of opportunities to improve their academic success by focusing on tools that will enable them to become independent learners.  

          Course Aims

    The major goals of the course are to help students develop basic study skills as well as understand how to use effective tools to become successful in their studies. 

          Course Content

  • First Semester Course Evaluation

    • Your first semester course evaluation comprises:

      1.  Quiz: a quiz will be given on one of the topics being studied in class.
      2. SECTION A  & SECTION B Scheduled by the administration
      3. An examination scheduled by the administration.
  • M2 PSS Course

         Course Description

    This course prepares second year master's degree students of English for a variety of academic situations in which formal presentations are required.

         Course Aims

    The major goals of the course are to equip students with a basic background in the philosophies and principles of public speaking, as well as practical experience with the basic types of speech.  

         Course Content 

         Week 1 : Introduction to Public Speaking (Part I)

          Week 2 : Introduction to Public Speaking (Part II) / Public Speaking Ethics

          Week 3 : Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

          Week 4 : Researching, Wording and Delivering the Topic

          Week 5 + 6 :  Power Point Presentations


           January the 09th, 2022 at 14:00.

           Good Luck!

  • PSS Course Evaluation

  • Second Semester TTU Course

  • End of the Second Semester: Evaluation marks to be posted on June 2021.


         Course Description & Aims

    The course aim to advance students:

    1. Understanding of research philosophies

    2. Scope of research and feasibility

    3. Problem definition and conceptualization

    4. Research questions and hypotheses

    5. Variables, validity and reliability

    6. Types, sources, and methods of data collection and analysis

  • Ethics & Deontology

         Course Aims

         The course aims to help students: recognize the need and application of principles and values pertaining to moral conduct; recognize ethical vocabulary and its meaning; and apply ethical principles and values to their personal and professional lives.

         Course Evaluation

         One examination, which consists of direct questions on the content of the lectures provided here.

  • Ethics and Deontology Course Assignment